Skipline | A success story


Skipline - the fastest and easiest online reservation

Skipline works directly on your own website with just a few clicks and offers the fastest, easiest and most affordable online reservation for your rental business by connecting directly to S|R Rental.


Since the 2019/20 season Skipline is already successfully in use. Learn how Skipline helps you generate higher revenue and more reservations.


Skipline is proved to help our customers generate higher revenues and more reservations. At the same time, Skipline increases effectiveness and optimizes store operations. This was confirmed by data from Skipline users in the 2019/20 season.


Generating three times as much revenue

On average, our customers have generated three times as much revenue through Skipline compared to other online reservation solutions.

Doubling of online reservations

Thanks to the short reservation process and higher completion rates, our customers were able to double the number of their online reservations on average - despite the pandemic and early season cancellation.

Generating more than 70% of reservations

Thanks to the individual booking page, easy handling and fast customer acquisition, more than 70% of online reservations were generated via the company's own website.

Higher margins per reservation achieved

Depending on booking volume through Skipline, our customers pay an average of only 2.25% contingency - a fraction compared to other providers.

95% of customer data completely filled in

Thanks to our intelligent customer data collection and tracking logic, 95% of customers have already filled out your data before they arrive.


You can now license Skipline in three different price models. This allows Skipline to be even better adapted to your individual needs.