Who is S|R Software?

In 1994, Schellhaas + Rauh developed the first ever Windows based ski rental Software solution and called it SPORTS RENTAL It entered the market as Version 1.0 in 1995.

During the course of 1997 SPORTS RENTAL was already implemented succesfully in small and large rental stores. SPORTS RENTAL advanced to become the leading Software solution for rental in 1999 – this claim still stands until today. Not only for Europe, but worldwide.

Over 0 Countries
S|R Softwares flexibilty for different market chalenges
More than 0 Shops
S|R Softwares sales skyrocketed during the early 2000's
Over 0 licences.
S|R Softwares on thousands of workstations

Next to a wide variety of new features in the core application SPORTS RENTAL, other pieces of software have been developed for the sport and leisure industry. The different S|R Software products combine into a package tailored individually to the customers needs. S|R Software provides a multifunctional platform which satisfies every challenge the modern sport industry throws at it.

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